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"The Conduits of Creation:

 A Close-up on Craft"

Completed during BA studies - Linfield College


Human hands have long fascinated me for both their aesthetic qualities and dexterous faculties.  These able appendages of ours are the conduits through which we create, produce, and interact with the world around us.  The incredible range and diversity of possibilities available through the use of one’s hands captivates me.  No matter the activity—be it playing music, working on a watercolor, or making a bowl of guacamole—there is an anatomic consistency and universality in working with one’s hands.   I find this to be quite beautiful and I wish to explore the moments of inspiration that drive people to create.  By zooming in on such moments, I seek to emphasize both the physicality and the intimate passion of creation.  Through a combination of careful rendering and expressive paint handling, I am representing this passion and the way in which the rest of the world seems to fade away when performing an activity that one loves.  

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