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1/2" Scale Room - Front Porch 

Inspired by excerpt from Cormac McCarthy's The Road

"They stood in the yard studying the facade. The hand-made brick of the house Wkilted out of the dirt it stood on. The peeling paint hanging in long dry sleavings down the columns and from buckled soffits. A lamp that hung from a long chain overhead. They boy clung to him as they climbed the steps. One of the windows was slightly open and a cord ran from it and across the porch to vanish in the grass. He held the boy’s hand and they crossed the porch. Chattel slaves had once trod those boards bearing food and drink on silver trays. They went to the window and looked in." 

1/2" Scale Furniture

Modeled after furniture from the Carnegie Museum of Art 

Chieftan Chair (1940)  |  Chest of Drawers (c. 1775)

1/2" Scale Figures

Stitch from Disney's Lilo & Stitch

Elsa from Disney's Frozen

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